Alerts are available in a range of styles and span 100% width of their containing element. They can be dismissed with javascript

Basic Alert
Primary alert
Secondary alert
Info alert
This is a success alert that can be dismissed
Warning alert
Danger alert

Sass Configuration:

Name Type Default Description
$alert-border Boolean false Set border on alerts
$alert-padding Number 1.4rem Set alerts padding
$alert-radius true White Set radius on alerts

Example Code:

<div class="alert"><!-- Basic Alert --></div>
<div class="alert primary"><!-- Primary alert --></div>
<div class="alert secondary"><!-- Secondary alert --></div>
<div class="alert info"><!-- Info alert --></div>

<!-- Success alert, dismissable -->
<div class="alert success">
    <a class="dismiss-alert" data-dismiss="alert">&#10006;</a>Success alert

<div class="alert warning"><!-- Warning alert --></div>
<div class="alert danger"><!-- Danger alert --></div>